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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Real Heroes, Real Okay

Real Heroes, Real Okay

“Real Heroes” is an independent film shot with a shoestring budget, and directed by Keith Hartman.

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A Summer's Tale

“A Summer’s Tale,” an independent French film released in 1996, written and directed by Eric Rohmer (1920-2010), was showcased this weekend as part of the Friends of Modern Art (FOMA) film series shown at the Flint Institute of Arts, the third in a quartet of movies produced by this director.

Gotham Premiere

After months of buildup and anticipation, the urban crime drama “Gotham” finally made its premiere on the Fox Network.

Ben McKenzie stars as the young, bright eyed, do-gooder detective Jim Gordon who, with the help of seasoned Detective Harvey Bullock, try to solve the senseless murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

This new series is centrally based on that horrific night for young Bruce Wayne as he witnesses the murders of his parents.




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