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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Is math a gift or a learned ability?


What are you most excited for now that the semester is over?


What do you think of the Student Government on campus?


What is your opinion of the smoking ban on campus?


Do you think the State of Michigan should raise the minimum wage?


What are your plans for spring break?


In your opinion, what is missing from Downtown Flint?


What's your high score on Flappy Bird?


How do you take your coffee?


Have you gotten your flu shot this season?


How much do you tip your server at a restaurant if the service is horrible?


Do you think American Muslim women who choose to cover their hair with the 'hijab' will be able to anchor news on American TV in the next 15 years?

UM-Flint Theater Productions  

What UM-Flint Theater production are you most excited for this semester?


Are you coming out to meet poet/activist John Sinclair on Wednesday the 25th?


What do you want to see The Michigan Times give you more of?


What is the best part of coming back to college?