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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Flushing to honor fallen runner with race

By Guest Reporter and Jason Oliver

Greg Flint loved running. “He ran track at Beecher High School, then later in his life he ran everyday at least three miles,” Josh Flint, senior biochemistry major and son of Greg Flint said. “He loved running, he got me involved in running when I was about eight or nine.” Then, in 2011, Greg went for a run on the night of March 27 and passed away the next morning at work after suffering a heart attack.

The city of Flushing will honor Greg with a road race starting at 8 a.m. on April 28. The race will start and end at Flushing High School. There will be both 5K and 10K races for the adults as well as a “kiddy race” at the Flushing High School track.

Students that are planning to run have different reasons but all see the importance in the event. “I’m from Flush­ing, Greg was a member at the recreation center where I work,” junior health care administration major Nick Lewis said. “Plus, I know Josh through school here and I felt a personal connec­tion to the race, so I decided to run.”

“It’s pretty huge to me that students from UM-Flint are going to come out and run in this race,” Josh said. “I hadn’t asked anyone to run, I didn’t want to force anyone to do it, but I think it speaks to my dad and the type of person he was.”

Corey Freed, a gradu­ate business student had a similar response. “Greg was a good guy, I knew him for a couple of years through where I worked,” Freed said. “I think it is important to help good causes like this one, especially when they are linked to students or people we know from around this campus and community.”

It wasn’t a hard decision to put this race together and there were plenty of people willing to help. “The church that we attended, plus all of the family and friends have put this together,” Josh said. “We are going to try to make this an annual event, but let’s get through this one and see how it goes.”

All proceeds from the event will go to a scholar­ship fund and the American Heart Association. The scholarship will be awarded to a Flushing High School senior who was a member of the cross-country team.

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