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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

UCEN renovations complete

By Nadia Alamah and Times Staff Writer

After repairing the French Hall and Murchie Science Building roofs in previous years, Facilities and Opera­tions Department collabo­rated with their counterparts in Ann Arbor to complete reparation of the University Center roof.

The project also required extensive brick repair. As­sessments revealed that water leaked not only through the roof, but also through the bricks themselves. While the roof had been completed some time ago, more time was spent on the brickwork above the windows and on making sure that leaking would not occur around them.

Because the project was taken through their deferred maintenance program, Fa­cilities Management ensured that all aspects of the roof were taken care of.

“We put our heads to­gether and felt that if we’re going to get one shot at this, we want to make sure we picked up anything in that area that could be a potential leak,” Director of Facili­ties and Operations George Hakim said.

An additional black roof covering the UCEN main­tains the heat in its ceilings through absorbing solar energy and will save the uni­versity around ten percent on heating costs.

The total amount spent on the UCEN roof comple­tion was $765,369, which fell under budget. This included all repairs to the ceiling and windows, brick repair and general replacement. The initial estimate for the project was $600,000, but was raised to $900,000 when engineer­ing inspectors found the problem was more serious than they thought.

“This was the year to do it. We had the funding and everything available for it, so that was our priority,” Assis­tant Director and Manager of Skilled Trades and Mainte­nance Tim Barden said.

Construction began in Au­gust and completed around the first week of December. Landscaping around the areas, the final stage of the project, will be completed in the spring.

“Our Facilities and Opera­tions Department, I think, does an excellent job trying to keep the campus maintained and cared for inside and out and they keep on top of the projects, coordinate larger projects with our Ann Arbor campus,” Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance David Barthelmes said.

According to Barthelmes, upcoming larger maintenance plans include the replacement of the elevator at the North­bank Center and work on a campus energy upgrade.

Building and Facilities Manager Joel Ellis acted as project manager for the UCEN roof repair, but could not be reached for contact.

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