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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Local metal bands rock Aloha Lounge

by June Hudson and Times Photo / The Michigan Times

On Feb. 25, Eight Ball Death performed at The Aloha Lounge. Their punk metal songs were like short spurts of aggression that brought about much head banging and moshing.

By June Hudson and Times Staff Writer

The Aloha Lounge had a night full of metal, featuring bands Möthra, As The World Burns (who were in a previ­ous column when they performed at Woobies), Eight Ball Death, Dozic, and Execrate. The performance made for a loud and interest­ing night on Feb. 25. The first band, Möthra, started the evening with their own original songs, including a couple new ones that they had never played live before. The tempo of their musicwas generally fast, some faster than others. One of the songs that stood out to me was “Doomtrain,” which was an appropriate title as the guitar and drums began the song in a way that straps you on a ride of thrash metal.

The next band, As The World Burns, performed similarly to their previ­ous show at Woobies, although this time they also had their second guitarist. The head banging and mosh­ing began with them and continued with the next band, Eight Ball Death. Like short spurts of aggression, their punk metal songs were usu­ally a couple minutes in length. The vocalist also had good charisma and before performing a cover, often asked the crowd if they knew old school punk, hardcore, and other metal songs.

After Eight Ball Death played, Dozic took the stage. Aside from describing their music as heavy and of the thrash persuasion, they were loud, loud, and loud. As the drummer’s hair flailed in all direc­tions, the guitarist’s and bassist‘s strumming was intense and the vocalist effectively exerted vari­ous screams and growls. Dozic successfully kept the venue shaking with their, well, loudness.


Thrash metal band Mothra played at The Aloha Lounge on Feb. 25. One of their more notable songs was “Doomtrain,” which was an appropriate title as the guitar and drums began the song in a way that straps you on a ride of thrash metal.

The last band of the night, Execrate, brought a slightly different flavor of metal to the scene. The most memorable aspect of the band was when I took notice of the vocalist’s animated faces with each death growl. Combined with the guitarists’ skill and the drummer’s blast beats, Execrate closed the night as an appro­priate addition to the lineup of metal bands.

June can be reached at juhudson@umflint. edu.

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