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Friday, August 28, 2015

Mark Millar Gives Hope to Detroit in New Comic Book Series


By Justin Shanlian

Mark Millar is known throughout the comic book world as a legend. Someone who has taken the very best superheroes like Superman, X-Men, and even Spider-Man and has the distinct ability to give each of these iconic characters a fresh, gritty and exciting spin to them.

Millar has also created his own comic book series that have become some of the most successful comic book movies of all time. Such as “Wanted” that starred Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, and cult favorite “Kickass” that came out in 2010. After the successes of his comic books and the movies that he has helped produce and make, Millar found himself becoming the “Creative Consultant” of Fox’s Marvel division. Spearheading all of the future Fox superhero flicks, like “XMen: Days of Future Past” and the in development reboot of “Fantastic Four.”

Now Millar has a new gig with a new set of challenges that he faces on May 21, as his new comic book MPH makes its worldwide debut.

MPH is a story set in Detroit where a small group of teenagers become superheroes to take down the corrupt businessmen who have destroyed and made Detroit the barren wasteland that it is today.

Millar explains through email that the reason for creating this new comic and the reasons for setting it in a world like Detroit is because, “it’s our job as writers to provide escapism for an audience, but it’s also our responsibility to talk about the world we’re living in right now.”

Millar is also trying to get the politicians in Washington, DC to understand how important his new comic book is by sending every politician a copy of his latest work.

Miller says, “I think the fact it’s going to everybody in the Senate and the President is probably the most important feature, this idea that we can’t just write about Gotham City when real cities are in trouble and it’s time to put that forward in the arena everyone’s been distracted by.”

It really seems that Millar is trying to slowly change and make the United States of America a much better place by shedding light on a very touchy subject with the use comic books as a medium to have people understand the glaring issues at hand.

“I think it’s the responsibility of Hollywood people to talk about the REAL WORLD as much as the fantasy worlds,” Millar says. “I think comic fans are very sophisticated and love that our people will go for the stuff that on paper looks so risky.”

It seems that MPH is going to be a success and Hollywood Mogul Lorenzo di Bonaventura is going to turn this comic book into a live action movie in the next year and a half.

Justin can be reached at or on Twitter @justinshanlian

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