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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ten Movies You Need To See Before Starting College


By Rachel Tatum

We were all college freshmen once.

Unfortunately, for any of you who are part of this year’s freshman class, there is no written guide that explains how to find the most convenient parking spots on campus (and what time of day to schedule your classes if you dream of the perfect parking spot), the best time to stop at Clint’s Café for a delicious panini between classes without getting stuck in a long line, or how to navigate through the skywalks from the University Center to the Pavillion (actually, just ask someone if you don’t get it. Someone will explain it to you.)

Obviously, you’ve got a pretty full plate set in front of you.


So who could even find the time to seek out a comprehensive list of movies that should be seen by each and every incoming college freshman before move in day? Thankfully, someone took the initiative for you.

Prepare yourself for the adventure ahead with these classic college and coming-of-age films, because you never know when a well timed film quote will defuse the pressure of freshman year.

Superbad (2007)- Many of us faced that moment at the end of high school when you realize you and your best friend are never going to sit in class together again, and won’t hang out as much as you might have when you were both taking the same classes in High School. The boys adventures escalate quickly and there are many elements to this film, but underneath it all lies Seth and Evan’s journey to accept change and the adventure of the college life laid out before them. Also you get to hear Michael Cera sing “These Eyes” by The Guess Who and I know I personally will never not think that is not hilarious.

Undeclared (2001)-(currently available on Netflix Instant) Okay, fine, this isn’t a movie. Butforget the title of this list for a moment and check out this underrated 1 season series aboutan aimless college freshman and his life on campus, created by comedy genius Judd Apatow. A young Adam Sandler even makes a cameo appearance for an episode and don’t you deserve to see what Adam Sandler was like when he was funny?

Idiocracy (2006)- If you’re going to watch only one movie on this list, make sure this is it. This is a genius film disguised as a raunchy comedy, warning us all of what a lack of education means for the future of our society. Also Justin Long has a really great cameo as a “doctor”, a scene that still cracks me up every time I see it.

Office Space (1999) – (currently available on Netflix Instant) The corporate world isn’t for everyone. Take a hint from Peter when planning your future and pursue what makes you happy. Just imagine the guys from Workaholics, but older.

Into the Wild (2007)- (currently available on Netflix Instant) So you’ve been on the mouse wheel of grade school and high school for awhile and naturally see college as the next step. Don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not trying to talk you out of higher education, but take a note from Christopher McCandless and reward yourself after having a great 2013/2014 school year by heading out on the road next summer without the tablet and smartphone and spend time getting to know yourself and enjoy the outdoors.

Old School (2003)- Not much of a lesson to be found in this film, but being able to quote it to anyone from the generation before you who loved it will make you look pretty cool. You also get to see what Vince Vaughn looked like before he got fat and starred in predictable rom-coms.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)- Were you the one everyone called “the Quiet Kid Who Reads A Lot” in High School? This movie is for you. Better yet, read the book.

Orange County (2002)- Sslacked in high school and worry about how you’ll do in college? Take some inspiration from Shaun Brumder, let go of the past and fight for what you set your mind to do. Unless your brother is Jack Black, then you may have some problems.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)- Don’t worry, everyone falls prey to feeling like they’re losing it at some point in college. Unfortunately, John Nash must deal with paranoid schizophrenia and delusions while also attending Princeton. If an imaginary British guy and imaginary little girl aren’t following you around, you’re probably already doing well!

Food Inc (2008)- Alright. Enough joking around. It’s time to leave the lunch-time vending machine feasts of donuts and Coca-Cola back at high school. You’ll be amazed at how a healthy diet improves your mood, productivity and the one thing no one in college gets enough of: sleep. As a bonus, you’ll finally figure out why almost everyone who sees this movie stops eating fast-food soon after.

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