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Monday, August 3, 2015

U theatre student writes and performs original work

by Natalie Broda and Times Photo / The Michigan Times

Students rehearse “Kids on the Run.” The act will be performed on Dec. 17.

By Natalie Broda and Times Senior Reporter

As a part of their major requirements, theatre students are asked to direct their own one act scripts. This semester, only one completely original student work will be performed: “Kids on the Run” written by Kyle Clark, a junior English major, and directed by Vaughn Davis, a senior theatre major.

The work is a piece of modern theatre, centered on the rocky and dramatic relationship concerning three best friends.

“For the past four years I’ve been on a tireless pursuit of becoming a well-rounded theatre student. In this process, I’ve realized that it’s the day-to day interactions human beings have with one another that makes watching life on stage so captivating and timeless,” Davis said.

The main characters Carter, Hope and Benny are young adults living in the city of Chicago. Clark says of all the scripts he has written, “Kids on the Run” was by far the easiest to write because it draws heavily from real life situations. He is also performing in it.

As a part of their rehearsals, the cast spends the first 20 minutes getting into character and interacting with their space, The Black Box Theatre. Less than half the size of the regular stage, the actors must find ways to maneuver in the space. But that isn’t what Davis is most concerned about.

“The challenges in this script will be the harsh dialogue. I feel that the vulgar language is an art form in itself and that it’s necessary for the true meaning of this play to effectively convey the character’s relationship. My approach is fresh, realistic. Not storybook formatted, and not for the faint of heart,” Davis said.

As the characters’ relationships begin to turn sour, the audience is brought face-to-face with an ironic story of love, betrayal and hope.

“I want the audience to reflect on their relationships with others, and hopefully see that one’s attitude can determine whether or not a relationship is deepened or damaged. We must also be careful about first impressions, because the mind’s construction is not written on the face,” Davis said.

“Kids on the Run” will be performed on Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Block Box Theatre.

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