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Comment Policy

The Michigan Times reserves the right to read comments prior to their posting and approve only comments that adhere to the following guidelines:

Inordinately long
Posts can be no longer than 250 words.

No outside links
Posts that have links to outside website will not be approved.

Obscene, racist or strongly prejudiced language
No obscene, racist or prejudiced language will be permitted. The editorial staff will decide what is inappropriate language for the website.

Threatening language
Any posts that threaten or could be considered threatening to anyone will not be approved. Also, any posts that specifically target a reporter or another poster will not be approved.

Libelous material
Any material that classifies as libelous will not be posted.

Duplicate posts
Duplications of all posts will not be approved and/or deleted.

Comments that contain advertising of any kind will not be approved and/or deleted. If you would to advertise with The Michigan Times, please contact Business Manager Joe Patterson at themichigantimesadvertising@gmail.com or click here to see our advertising rates.

Discretion of editor
The editor-in-chief and managing editor have the final say of what is appropriate for the M-Times online.

The views expressed in the blogs on or linked to M-Times online do not represent the views of the entire staff. The Michigan Times does not take responsibility for content on these blogs. If you have questions or comments about a blog post, please e-mail the blog owner or leave a comment on that blog, not on M-Times online.