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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. UM-Flint Mark 10 Year Anniversary

The Office of Educational Opportunities Initiatives (EOI) is hosting its tenth annual Mr. and Ms. UM-Flint competition, which is designed to highlight student accomplishments and give them a chance to be the face of the University.

Contestants are evaluated in three competitive categories: formal, school spirit and career.

Project Almanac Cast Offers Answers

What would you do if your friends and you found blueprints to a device that could change what you do every day and even let you redo some of your days?

American Sniper is a Bullseye

Emotional, touching, intense: These terms describe the movie “American Sniper.” But seeing this movie and reviewing it were two very different experiences. 


This is one of the most gripping films that I have ever seen.

People are Fish Too

“We’re all just highly, highly modified lungfish,” According to Kevin Tang, Ph.D. and professor of biology at UM-Flint.

 Believe it or not, the primal stuff that makes you and me came from an ancient fish that happened to decide to walk on land, whose children would have children that would make a reptile, whose children would then produce a somewhat mammal-like reptile, and so on and so forth.

 Tang and his students continuously work to determine those relationships which exist between different species.

J-Board's Back: Justice Pending

This past week in Student Government, the Judiciary Board (J-Board) here at the University was finally able to be filled and have all its members approved.

For those who do not know, J-Board resolves disputes between students and the university or those that occur between students on an individual level.

The Un-Friend Zone

In the realm of social media when you unfriend someone online you unfriend them in real life.

In recent months I had been posting a lot of content that revolves around the social injustices performed against black people in the United States.

Business to Business CEO Supports SOM

UM-Flint announced that it had received a $2 million gift from the Hagerman Foundation at an afternoon press conference on Jan.




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