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Friday, October 31, 2014

Bill Clinton & Democrats Rally at Riverfront

In a show of support for the Democratic candidates of the upcoming midterm elections, former president Bill Clinton came to the Riverfront Banquet Center to speak at a campaign rally.

Faculty Exhibit Artworks

Friday was the last chance to see the UM-Flint faculty art exhibit in the University Center Gallery.

Pitt. Labeouf Bring the Fury

“Fury” is a gritty, no nonsense, gruesome and fantastically made film that is directed by David Ayer.

How Goats Could Save Our Shores

Goats and other livestock have been found to be effective in battling the spread of an invasive variety of Phragmites australis, a plant which has made its way to the Great Lakes and has been found to wreak havoc on native ecosystems.

Winter Registration Sees Wait List Changes

Congratulations, students. You are about halfway through the Fall 2014 semester at UM-Flint. You have met due dates and deadlines and have worked diligently to ensure your own success.

However since it is about halfway through the semester, students need to pay special attention to some of the dates that are drawing near and policies that have been changed due to the upcoming travel and recruitment season.



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